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''Lotus Flower Live Wallpaper'' is a brand new app which will decorate the screen of your phone for Androidâ„¢ with one of the most ''beautiful flowers'' in the world! You will be enchanted by the floral wallpaper depicting a stunning and delicate ''lotus flower''! Relax and find your inner peace with the 3D backgrounds of the elegant-looking pink and white lotus plant surrounded by large and flat leaves! Get the free download right now and start enjoying the magnificent sight of a blossoming water lily! Best of all, you don't have to wait summertime in order to see a lotus flower! This mobile app gives you the unique opportunity to admire the beauty of a lotus garden during the whole year!
Follow the installation instructions:
Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers
* You can choose from several different themes.
* There is full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!

Our ''nature wallpaper'' celebrates the existence of a splendid lotus flower. Although it grows in muddy water, this aquatic plant rises above the surface and blooms with remarkable beauty! During the night, the white and pink petals of the delicate flower close, and at dawn, the lotus flower reopens in order to charm the world with its beauty all over again! It is no wonder that this pretty water lily serves as a symbol in Buddhism! ''Lotus Flower Live Wallpaper'' brings you a collection of colored flowers in a garden pond and helps you relax after a hard day at work! Delete your old spring live wallpaper and summer live wallpaper because you no longer need them! Enter a complete new world of Zen garden or Sakura garden and find your inner peace!
Being perfect for both boys and girls, these HD background images offer the exclusive experience of the mesmerizing colorful flowers! If you like a purple wallpaper or, perhaps, a white and pink wallpaper, this is the perfect lotus flower application for you! It will bath your phone in a spectrum of colors! The ''beautiful pictures'' of countless lotus flowers scattered across the surface of a huge lake will give your phone a totally new look!
Imagine taking a walk in countryside and wherever you look, you can see a different plant! You feel peaceful upon seeing a Sakura flower! The scent of white and red roses is amazing! You are enchanted by the purple color of the lavender, but you suddenly realize that there is a huge field of sunflowers ahead of you! The sight of the beautiful colorful meadow against the blue sky is simply ravishing! You are afraid that this magical trip will end so you quickly pick daisies, tulips and orchids for your own collection when all of a sudden you see the most gorgeous natural landscape of all! It is the sight of white, pink and purple lotus flowers floating on the surface of a koi pond! You pass by a huge waterfall without even noticing its magnificence because you are hypnotized by the rays of the Sun falling on fragile petals of lotus flowers! The fresh water of the pond reflects the sunlight and makes the water lilies look even more stunning! You are aware that it is just a dream and that you have to wake up! But wait! It doesn't have to be so! If you get our ''flowers live wallpaper'', we will make sure that your dream comes true!
Springtime or summertime, who cares! With ''lotus live wallpaper'', every day will be sunny and filled with the scent of beautiful flowers! Find your perfect lotus flower HD desktop background, put it on your screen and enjoy this relaxing Live Wallpaper!
Lotus Flower Live Wallpaper is one of the best free apps for Android! Get the free download right now and enjoy the scent of a lotus flower!

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