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New Features:
Store available: spend the spaghetti you collect on customization items (Dressing), power-ups (Spices) and extra lives (chef's special).

Also you can purchase more spaghetti and unlock all the features or double your spaghetti earnings by purchasing the pasta maker!!


Meet Mr. Meatball, the hero from the “Spaghetti and Meatballs Game” (coming soon), is now off to his own adventures.

You must help Mr. Meatball by guiding him through plates and make sure he eats all the spaghetti.

But beware the mean Warez (Silverwares) are after him and they don’t like it when Mr. Meatball slurps all the spaghetti.

The more spaghetti you eat the higher and higher your score will be, and only you can help Mr. Meatball avoid the Warez.

So what are you waiting for? Join Mr. Meatball now!!!

Guide Mr. Meatball using four-way swipes (anywhere on the screen)— Swipe up, Swipe down, Swipe left, and Swipe right—through a plate filled with spaghetti for him to slurp up.

Keen reflexes are your best tool to avoid the Four Warez (Knify, Spoony, Forky and Fondy) as they chase you.

The goal is to clear the plate of spaghetti while avoiding the mean Warez.

You have a few chances to help Mr.Meatball slurp the most amount of spaghetti as possible. If Mr.Meatball gets caught by a Warez when he has no extra lives, the game ends and the High Score is added to the global leaderboards!

As Mr. Meatball would say: “Hasta la pasta!! See ya very soona”

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