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The most amazing love days counter and a “love calculator” is here! These latest games for couples are an all-in-one free app that will bring you and your partner closer together as you measure your love compatibility, count the days of your relationship to check how long you’ve been together, have loads of lovedays fun and enjoy many other features of our new “love game”. All this makes our relationship calculator the most interesting “love tester” you can find. Moreover, it’s totally FREE! So, download ♥ Love Days – Love Meter Game ♥ to create your very own love life sparkle!

♥ The best relationship days counter and love compatibility test in a single free app for love couples!
♥ Put your love compatibility to the ultimate test in this simply awesome and easy to use love calculator app!
♥ Count the love days that you've spent with your loving one!
♥ Measure the percentage of your “love compatibility” in a matter of seconds!
♥ Calculate the exact number of days you've “been together” with your boyfriend or girlfriend!
♥ Get one of the most exciting “love games high school” and have fun with your loving one, your friends, relatives or family members whenever you wish!
♥ Spice up your social life and start the fun with ♥ Love Days – Love Meter Game ♥ – one of the best free relationship games for couples!

Having a hard time remembering every anniversary in your relationship? With this relationship counter you’ll never again have to worry about forgetting another anniversary – your lovedays will be counted for you and the numbers will always be visible on the screen! Watch your relationship flourish flanked by the love calculator of your dreams, and then perform a love test to check how far it progressed.

Been asking yourself “How many days have we been together”? This cute little love scanner free has got the answer ready for you! All you need to do is download ♥ Love Days – Love Meter Game ♥ fast and free, follow the instructions to get your lovedays numbered in no time, and you’ll soon be measuring the love percentage of your relationship as well.

If you like kissing games, love quizzes such as “does he like me”, or apps with quotes on relationship, you’ll adore our name compatibility app. ♥ Love Days – Love Meter Game ♥ is both a love compatibility test and love days counter. So, you’ll get a full package in our love test game, which will seem to you like a real love calculator and lovedays counter! The romantic “love tester game” brings relationships to the cutest and sweetest level imaginable!

You want an amazing love detector and other “relationship games” for free? Not a problem! ♥ Love Days – Love Meter Game ♥ is the best game for you, thanks to which you’ll feel as if you had a true love test next to a love meter test that both care for your happiness and your love life. The best thing with this significantly improved free app is that you can have lots of fun on the move because the love percentage calculator goes wherever you go, so you can love scan whenever you’re having romantic time with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Do an exciting does he like me test on this fantastic love tester for kids and share the results with your loved ones, your friends, or your relatives. Remember, the been together app is for entertaining purposes only, so you can’t sue your boyfriend or girlfriend if you don’t get the perfect scores. On the other hand, what you can and should do is have lots of fun and laughter while teasing one another for getting higher or lower scores on the love meter calculator.

What better love story games could you wish for? Other “relationship apps” don’t have as many options as this love scanner. You can use them either as a kiss game, love test calculator, or a lovedays counter. Download our love story games free for girls now and have all this in a single app!

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