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Welcome to the world of love! If you value relationships in your life, download ♥ Love Calculator for Couples ♥, and see how deep is your love. P.S. This is for entertainment purposes only! The scanner is not real, but you can have a lot of fun playing this game!

We offer you:
♥ Love Calculator – counts the percentage of love.
♥ Love Test – puts your love on a test.
♥ Love Text – provides romantic quotes and sayings.

♥ Love Calculator for Couples ♥ will provide you with a chance to check the strength of your love! It doesn't matter if you are in a couple or not, you can still count on this beautiful love game to give you accurate numbers about you and your secret crush. If you are married, you can use this love meter to see if your affinity for each other is still strong. If you are single but doesn't have love plans, you can still use this “fun game” to get phenomenal “quotes about love and romance”.

This free love calculator is pretty fun and easy to use. When you enter this amazing game for teenagers, all you have to do is type in the names and dates of births of you and your loved one or potential boyfriend/girlfriend, and the results will come out in a second. Then there is a “love quiz ” where you can answer interesting questions about the little things that you know or maybe don't know about each other. This “love scanner app” also contains various romantic quotes by William Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Lao Tzu, Erich Fromm, and many more well-known authors.

Therefore, what are you waiting for? Download ♥ Love Calculator for Couples ♥ and immediately find out the results of your love testing. If you've recently been hit by a Cupid's arrow, then now is the right time to do it. If you've been struggling with a love crisis, then now is the time to have a new crush and use this free love game for couples to calculate your love affinity! If you've been in a happy relationship for a long time, use this fun app to send magical love sayings to your sweetheart in order to strengthen your love.

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Love is the most magical feeling in the world, so if you don't have love in your life, you should definitively get some :) If your calculator shows the percentage that is above 50%, then you're on the right track. If it's more than 70%, you and your honey are very compatible. If it is 100%, then it's true love! Nevertheless, if it's less, don't be disappointed! There is always a better match somewhere out there :)

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This romantic game offers you colorful design in the colors of love and intuitive tap controls which are suitable for all kinds of users. All generations will use this free love game with ease and they will surely adore it. It is suitable for kids, teenagers, and the adults, too. Males will love it, as well as the females. Therefore, it is the right time to download ♥ Love Calculator for Couples ♥ and finally get your share of fun!

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