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Who are the lucky star?
Ever wonder who are the lucky star of the day to you? People form interesting chemistry when they get together. There are two types of chemistry - good luck or bad luck.

The Lucky Star app helps you to find out who brings the most luck to you, and who doesn't. It even tells you about the lucky number associated with the person. You can even use the lucky number for inspiration for the next winning number lottery!

Lucky Index & Lucky Number
The two main information given by Lucky Star app is the Lucky Index & Lucky Number. The higher Lucky Index, the better luck the person will bring to you. Try calling or texting them, you will find unexpected good thing happening on you!

You can also use the Lucky Number for any decision you want to make. An obvious example would be the number lottery. Take for example, the New York Lottery Win4 and Take5. You could just use the running lucky numbers from Lucky Star to buy the next winning ticket!

Win4 & Take5
From screenshot above, you could buy Win4 lottery with 7582 or Take5 lottery with 7, 5, 8, 26, 3
Whatever combination you think you have the best luck with! Just remember to let us know when you strike your lottery. You will never know.

Good luck and have fun!

Release Notes

Version 1.1
- Bug Fix to crash and freeze (technical detail: null pointer handling and memory leak fix)
- Added progress dialog for better user interface notification
- Added advertisement to fund this little project (thanks everyone for the support to make this little project continue!)

Version 1.0
- Released to Android Market

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