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This project was my first game. In this game you have many types of enemies: they can fly, run, creep and fight so you cannot get close to them. Zyborg has a super gun to kill enemies and he can collect special ammunition for it. The idea is to collect more money to buy more ammunition per collect from store. At the same time you can upgrade your magnet and buy more shields to protect your Zyborg.
Your alien enemies have a mother ship which can teleport you from a side of the planet to another in just a second.

How to play:
-> Control your Zyborg to kill as many as posible alien enemies.
-> Zyborg can jump and shoot aliens.
-> Collect ammunition for your gun to kill alien in one shot, or more aliens in one shot.
-> Collect more coin to buy more ammunition per collect from store.
-> Zyborg has a good armor, but still after touching 3 enemies he will die.
-> Try to stay alive for a better distance then your friends, into a endless runner fight.

Features of the game:
-> Sharing via social media ( ex. Facebook, Twiter)
-> Upgrades
-> 2D
-> Nice audio effects
-> Endless runner
-> Simple gameplay

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