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For a visit from Santa Claus you first need to make a special "target". This means a photo of the object on which Santa Claus has to appear.
The target may be placed vertical (e.g. poster on the wall) or horizontal (e.g. carpet)
NOTE! Hold the camera parallel to the object.

Target must be flat, well-lit, rich in detail and contrast. The best choice is e.g. a magazine or book cover, a poster on the wall or a patterned carpet.
Do not make target from dark or low detailed objects. If the target is low quality, Santa Claus can be displayed incorrectly and can "flicker".

Now you can change the size and position of your Santa Claus in space. When you finish, confirm with "Done".

Now you are ready to play with Santa Claus. Remember to always have your target in the field of view of device camera.
You can also place Santa Claus on a new target by selecting the option from the menu.

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