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Create your own island tunes as the Steel Drum sounds with every touch of a block!

Tropical Blocks is the game of Sounds, colors, and the tropical atmosphere!

Who said a game about blocks couldn't be completely 3D with a full day/night cycle and lovely particle effects? Let's not forget about the luscious sounds of the waves hitting the beach, the crickets at night, or just the soothing vibrations of the steel drum!

Tropical Blocks is the game of threes! touch 3 blocks of any color to remove those from the board and gain points. The points multiplier increases every 15 seconds, but be careful! The game drops the blocks faster as the multiplier gets higher! Think of it as combining Tetris, Candy Crush, and Bejeweled all while making your own music!

Is the board filling up quick?! Add a colored circle in with your taps to clear out that entire color, though you won't score points for that! Circles are only there to help clear the board!

Want to clear the board and still score points? Well, the rarest block in the game is the coveted Pause Block! You will know it when you see it! Tap that block and stop the game from dropping any new blocks for 6 seconds! Very valuable time for you to clear the board and rack up as many points as possible with a high multiplier!

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