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MobiSec : Security is a vision, to have a tool that would protect your device against major security threats out in the world. MobiSec helps secure your device by assisting the user in understanding his device privacy. It provides the user with different dashboards outlining the risk and benefits of all application in his device. It is bundled with tools like junk file cleaner, virus scanner, knowledge base and much more.

Key features:
- Scan user installed or system application to know their access level to the device.
- View details about a specific access permissions of an application.
- Get risk rating of each installed application, with user usage info.
- Scan and clean junk files.
- Scan for know malicious applications and Viruses.
- Check if your device is rooted.
- Learn more about why mobile security is important.

Application Permissions Security Analyzer:
This dashboard scans the user's device to identify all application and list the access permissions of those applications. Our application then uses complex algorithms to risk rank the application along with the frequency of usage, size on disk and much more. This helps the user to locate apps that are high risk and less required. It helps the user in making a decision which applications are not required and can be removed.

Secure Disk Cleaner:
This utility will allow the user to scan for junk files on the device and free up disk space.

Security Virus Scanner:
Through our extensive research, we have assembled a list of malicious application that can be harmful to your device, our application scans for these known malicious applications and alerts you if any matches are found.

Root Security Checker:
Wondering whether your device is root and criminals have access to it? We have a utility that can test that for you. Just press a button and know if your device is compromised.

Security Knowledge base:
We believe the most critical defense for security is educating the user, the more the user knows how to detect malicious activity the safer this world would be. Our knowledge base helps empower the user to detect malicious activity before it occurs.

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