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Nurse Diary
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(NOW with 'annual leave', sick leave, personal leave and other leave.)

The perfect tool for nurses for your work and your life!

The premium version allows you to adjust and reset the default shifts for morning, afternoon and night shifts. You can also print out or email a monthly shift to stick on the fridge or send to others. More resources such as reference materials and language translations to 'point to' for bedside care for patients with little or no English.

The app has all the best features of an electronic diary for planning and entering life events but combines this with roster planning, shift reminder alarms and specialist features for nurses including feature articles and useful contacts. Nurse Diary will also allow your other calendars to integrate.

If you have used diary apps before, this is super easy - if not please see our tutorial on You Tube under Nurse Diary App or

PLEASE NOTE: Many apps are a singular system, but diary apps have extra connectivity with phone / device systems and with Apple, a few extra tweaks may be needed! Quick summary:
•MAKE SURE YOUR iOS SYSTEM IS UP TO DATE – many apps shut down if an old version is in use
•If you have never used a calendar on your phone or device, you may need to activate the inbuilt calendar first
•To change a shift you have set, you will need to delete the original shift first

Our website has guides and tips and please email us if more support is needed.

The shift planners allow you to easily enter in all your upcoming shifts with simple icons that also allow for both regular and irregular shift times as well as the name of the facility and the ability to set reminders or alarms for these shifts.

Your Nurse Diary will identify your location and automatically display national holidays, also state holidays & local school terms for some regions and other dates of significance to nurses. (Australia, UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, China, Malaysia, India, Hong Kong, Philippines and ‘other’)

You can enter and store daily notes from your work or from relevant events in your daily non-work life.

The app includes feature articles and resources specifically for nurses, with examples such stress management guides, social media tips, recommendations on working with clients with dementia, violence in the workplace, codes of conduct etc, and we’ll keep you covered on new and interesting topics in your field.

Your homepage monthly calendar has simple and clear icons to display your shift types for morning, afternoon and night shifts. Your new roster can be inserted in easy blocks or by individual days if needed. Adding a shift reminder alarm is simple and with a range of options.

Adding your daily events for work or home life also has space for notes and alarm settings like a regular electronic diary. These events can be viewed by day, week or month. Simple dot icons indicate an event on a day.

In the top left corner, an icon leads to feature articles and useful contacts are resources for nurses that are matched to your geographical location. They are regularly updated for your interest and as an additional tool.

This really is the perfect app for nurses, for your nursing and your life!

Perfect for all Android and iOS devices!

See for guides and tips. In the CONTACTS section of the app, you can also provide feedback, report any difficulties or request support that you will receive ASAP!

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