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High addictive RPG "B100"... The latest series!


"B10 Memories Never Lasts" is completely free dungeon RPG.

# Feature
* Realtime Battle, you need to adjust enemy appearance speed only. Easy to play but serious difficulty.
* You can create your character as you like. Choose "Memory" as passive skills.
* You can mixture your items as you like. Sword and Ring? Yes, you can!
* Rare items have "Unique Effect". You can't inherit it by mixture, so choose your base items.
* You can enchant items, extract effects, remove them, and more craft menu exists.
* 3 Difficutlies. Casual, Serious, Hardcore!

# How to play

- Depart to the dungeon. Battle progresses automatically. You can adjust enemy appearance speed.
- Challenge will end when you reach target floor, clear the dungeon, escape or die.
- Empower your character by equipments and memories.
- Retry the dungeon.
- Reach to B10.

# Official Site
You can play in Web Edition!


Twitter https://twitter.com/ohNussy

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