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About Tuntunan Sholat Lengkap + Suar

New Update
+ Application development
+ Perapihan menu in the category of material
+ Justification errors on Prayer of the Prophet and the Prophet
+ Addition Istighosah on the menu Yasin and Tahlil
+ Addition Ulumul Book of Quran and Tajweed
+ Addition 7 Sunnah main Daily Rosululloh
+ Addition of dhikr Asmaul Husna
+ Addition Practice dhikr Beautiful Names
+ Improved error At tlisan Prayer Adhan
+ Application development
+ Housekeeping reading sitting between the two prostrations
+ The addition of the prayer schedule and Imsya '
+ Addition of Prayer of the Prophet and the Prophet to complement prayer after prayer
+ Addition of hadith hadith about prayer
+ Addition Virtue dawn prayer berjamaa

+ Free azan. iqomah, prayer, and the sunnah
+ Quran translation per paragraph
+ Improvement prayer readings on jama qosor
+ Prayer of repentance
+ Prayer awwabaiin
+ Prayer israq

+ Renewal quality content
+ Benefits prayer movement
+ Prostration for forgetfulness
+ Prostration recitations
+ Prostration of gratitude
+ Safinatun Najah (Discussion prayer)
+ Risalatul mahid (The woman's blood)
+ Updates on absolute sunnah prayers
+ Sunnah prayer before prayer / yet

Application Guide and Prayer Prayer Fard contains about steps to perform the obligatory prayers, among which, the dawn prayer, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isa, Friday is equipped with guidance sunnah prayers, recitation of dhikr and reading prayers,

This app contains about ordinances Mandatory and sunnah prayers performed in their daily lives, including the following:
- Prayer Hajat
- Prayer Tahajjud
- Prayer Dhuha
- Eid prayer
- Eid Al-Adha Prayer
- Prayer tahiyatul mosque
- Tarawih prayer
- Prayer Witr
- The body Prayer (Mayit)
- Prayer Ghaib
- Prayer rawatib
- Prayer Istigharoh
- Eclipse Prayer
- Prayer rosary
- Prayer Mutlaq
- Prayer After ablution

Be equipped ;

+ Penabahan sunnah prayers intent
+ Reading dhikr morning and evening
+ Free ablutions with tayamum
+ Free purification by ablution
+ Reading Yasin and tahlil
+ Pebahasan pray jama 'and qosor
+ Practice pray jama 'and qosor
+ Time forbidden prayer
+ Penabahan date month and year
+ Reading the prayer after prayer
+ Reading short letter of the Qur'an
+ Free shower compulsory
+ Hadiths of reward work and
+ Sin left prayers

aminn may be useful.

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