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You must download and install on your PC our free server from our website:

Custom interfaces are available for Star Citizen, Elite: Dangerous, Kerbal Space Program (KSP), the Sims, one generic gamepad and more from the community !

Use your Tablet as a User Interface (custom controller)
Load, Create and Switch between 6 customs UIs made by mixing gamepads, joysticks, mouse and keyboard to play with your favorites PC games on your tablet(acting like a remote). The UIs are made of 13 kinds of fully customizable prefabs like buttons, sliders, 2 axis sliders, accelerometers and more.

Create Up to 6 customized User Interface!
The Screen selection Bar allow you to switch on the fly between 6 different editable zones allowing you to create dedicated action UI such as for fighting, sneaking, crafting, manage your engine or power plant and anything you want !

Unlimited number of Controls! Unlimited Freedom!
To build your perfect UI choose between 13 standards controls or create your own! You can even import Controls build by the community bringing to virtually an unlimited number of controls.

Fully customizable controls!
You can change the shapes, size, orientation, colors and even the texture of any control.

Advanced Macro Editor
Your favorite game comport some repetitive succession of action that hinder you. Simply create a macro! With the state of the art macro editor integrated in the client, create advanced macro in no time!

Deadly accuracy & Lightning speed!
Inspired by the military Human Machine Interface, LEA allows both at the same time! You can set curved scaling to any axis. Allowing, for example, high accuracy near the center and smoothly increase the sensitiveness the farer you go.

Allowing to combine both high accuracy and low travel movement!

Create & Share!
Proud of you?! Share it! Let the community play by your rules using the export function available in LEA resources manager on your PC.

It’s alive!
LEA integrate everything to let the PC game sending information to your UI allowing LEA to react to the Game like showing an inventory, a mini-map or a radar. That is if the game send info to LEA. If not, Mod the game! or hinder the PC game editor (no harm meant here fellow editors).

Enhance your joysticks/gamepad
The Server can be interfaced with physical joysticks or gamepad allowing to:
- Set curved scaling to any axis.
- Redirect any “physical” inputs to virtual joystick or trigger a game functions.
- Interactively modify the states of the tablet’s linked controls.

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