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Action racer – RazorBallGame, HD, Free-To-Play-Game

You control a lonely little ball as it careens along narrow, wobbly pathways and struggles to avoid obstacles like spinning saw blades and exploding cubes. The whole time, you're racing against the clock and balancing self-preservation with greed, trying to scoop as much currency as possible without eating it. Beating a level gives only a short reprieve from the intense gameplay – the next level is even harder.

Each of the 9 stages features a dark, underground atmosphere, untold dangers and rewards, and a progressive difficulty level. Keep your eyes and fingers glued while you navigate over, under, up, and around, while traps collapse, try to push you from the track, or launch you through the air.

Friends and family alike will get a kick out of the sharp, optimized graphics. And best of all, it's free to download and play.

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