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DIY Paper Lantern Ideas

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Paper lanterns are the most popular decorative item. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes leaving you simply spoilt for choice. From irregular shaped paper lamps to simple ribbed ones, they are all equally lovable.
DIY Paper Lantern Ideas

Paper lanterns have become the most sought after decorative article for parties, weddings and special occasions. These dainty lights can also be used to add a warm glow to regular home decor. Paper lamps were first made in China and Japan, where they were used as decorative artifacts to adorn homes, especially during festivals. These lanterns are often irregular shaped paper lamps or symmetrical ones that come in different sizes and colors.
DIY Paper Lantern Ideas

These lanterns have slowly become a very popular alternative to expensive lighting solutions. They can be easily ordered online. Online shops stock paper lanterns in a vast variety of colors, sizes and shapes at very attractive prices. Here's how you can use these lanterns to do up your venue or spruce up your home decor:
DIY Paper Lantern Ideas

Large irregular shaped paper lanterns make for a wonderful centerpiece to a room or venue. If you want to create a focal point to a room, you can do that by using this lantern in a contrasting color. Bright hues of the lantern against a muted wall in a dull room can add some zing to the room. These lamps can also be a base for floral arrangements; they are cheaper and are available in a variety of colors. Besides the warm glow of an LED light at the base of the centerpiece adds to the beauty of the entire set-up.
DIY Paper Lantern Ideas

Weddings and parties:
An excellent alternative to expensive wedding decorations, paper lamps add color and light to the venue. It is easy to get lanterns in colors that match your theme. You can choose two or three shades and combine them with sashes or colorful ribbons to make the venue lively and fun. You can string-up lanterns on a wire and then hang them, or hang them in different lengths to make the venue look interesting. Choose different sizes and irregular shaped paper lamps to add some twist to the overall decorations.
DIY Paper Lantern Ideas

Home decor:
Use paper lanterns as alternate sources of lighting, they are inexpensive and can be easily changed to suit your whims and fancies. Do-up odd corners, dark passages or even a kid's room by adding a splash of colors with irregular shaped paper lamps. Lanterns with small LEDs in them can work as bedside night lamps too.
DIY Paper Lantern Ideas

Paper lanterns are the perfect canvas to unleash your creativity. You can stencil beautiful designs and paint them. Add embellishments like paper flowers, beads, streamers, cut-outs, etc. to enhance the paper lantern. Brush glue all over a plain lantern and then roll in it glitter to get a shimmering disco ball.
There are plenty of innovative ways to use irregular shaped paper lamps as well as the regular ones, all you need is some creativity and plenty of colors.
DIY Paper Lantern Ideas

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DIY Paper Lantern Ideas