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2 years

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Ever wanted to stack cats in real life but keep getting clawed? Fear no more—Stacky Cats is now available to play! (Early release)
Now in this game, no one could prevent you from stacking cats as many as possible. Stack up to more than a dozen of cats and earn highscores. You lose the game once your tower of cats cat-astrophically collapses. (Note: No real cats were harmed in the making of this game)

[Stacky Cats Pre-alpha 1.1]
-Adorable bouncy cats
-Cute and relaxing gameplay
-Stack more than a dozen of cats
-Cuteness overload
-In-game cat puns
-Free to play
-And more to come!

-Fixed cat swing from passing across the floor
-Trained the cats for more extensive stacking experience

[Pre-alpha Special: Reach For the Skies]
Currently tested highest score is 135 while the highest stack is 20.
The cats plead you for more. They want to reach higher!
If you have exceeded these scores, please do feel free to message us at and specify your preferred username and a screenshot of your highscore.
Exceeded scores by pre-alpha testers will be acknowledged in-game in further updates and most definitely appreciated :)

[Bugs and Fixes]
Noticed a bug among the cuteness? Wanted a feature to be implemented in-game? Noticed a psychopathic cat? Please make a review about it, or contact us at

[General Info]
Stacky Cats is a 3-day speed-make mobile game by Parallux' lead developer, Zeir.
Game is in its pre-alpha stage and is not final; more cats would be added. As of now 80% of the game's assets are made by the lead dev of Parallux, while the rest goes to the respective creator/owners such as the in-game sfx.

Have fun and happy cat-stacking! :)