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This app was designed for Android 3.0+ devices. However it is also compatible with some Android 2.3 devices. When using the app for the first time, a test will be conducted to determine whether your device is compatible. If it isn't, we recommend upgrading your Android operating system or using the "Refund" option on the Google Play Store.

Grolux2 Productions Inc., in partnership with the Mirego Inc. team, presents an Android application that lets you record videos of your loved ones’ reactions while they watch videos or photos.

The "Moment Catcher™" app was created to capture unique spontaneous and precious moments.

This app was designed to record videos of your children while they watch movies, photos or other pictures on their Android smartphone or tablet screens.

Many parents regret not having captured spontaneous moments of their children when they dance, sing or laugh while watching funny videos or photos.

The goal of the app, therefore, is to film children without their knowledge while they watch videos or look at pictures.

Creator: "I got this idea while watching my children. They have their favorite videos on YouTube, and when they watch them, they often start to dance, laugh or sing. Every time I take my video or photo camera out to capture those precious moments, they stop what they were doing and don’t want to move anymore. I wondered how I could capture those moments that move us or make us laugh. This is how Moment Catcher™ was first developed."

With "Moment Catcher™", you can instantly send your videos through social networks to your loved ones.

You can also download videos to your computer for editing.


This application was designed primarily to capture videos of your children, but you can also use it to capture special moments with a friend. You can make a video of a marriage proposal to the love of your life, let them view your request and capture the moment for the rest of your life. Or tell good news to a loved one and capture the joy.

Easy to use:

Choose a video or photos in the "Capture a moment" section. As soon as you press "Play", the recording starts. You can then view your videos in the "View videos" section.


- Multimedia viewing: YouTube videos, video and photo libraries.
- Choose your favorite YouTube videos.
- Simultaneous video recording while viewing multimedia material.
- Library of videos recorded using the app.
- Sharing on social networks.

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