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Are you security conscious?
Are you anxious when leaving home?
Anyone watching you?
No alarm?
We're proud to announce the release of our first Imitation
Home Alarm App!

We're all security conscious. We'd like an alarm. For whatever reason, we don't all have one.
Not much fun walking into your home, seeing it ransacked and your prized possessions stolen or damaged.
Stop thieves from being tempted into breaking in.
Just like you leave lights on or keep the radio/TV on when you're out.
Just like saying ‘Bye, see you later' to no one.
Alarms work - FACT! Guard dogs work - FACT!
No guard dog or alarm?
Just think.... wouldn't you love your neighbours and anyone lurking behind the bushes to think you have a proper working alarm that just may or may not be linked to the police?
Well now you can!
ProteX has come up with a novel idea that may just stop you from getting burgled.
Download our free app today!

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