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About Blades Away

⭐ Levels change daily
⭐ There is no one way to throw
⭐ Higher rewards for graceful throws
⭐ Every blade is unique in challenge and reward
⭐ Tap the screen to pause or look around at the area
⭐ Tap with a second finger while holding a blade for special abilities
⭐ If a blade isn't good with today's level, other blades might be more ideal
⭐ No shame in going for easier targets, they could net you more coins
⭐ Every level has a main target, try to get three bullseyes in a row
⭐ Some blades are heavier than others or have more edges
⭐ No need to reset the camera, you can throw immediately
⭐ Get silver and gold medals to unlock new skill shots
⭐ Look around the level for objects to combo off of
⭐ Take your time, no penalties for dilly dallying

🏅 Play offline
🏅 No time limits
🏅 Instant replays
🏅 Rewards for skill
🏅 Google Play trophies
🏅 Tons of unique blades
🏅 Everything is unlockable
🏅 Total control over throws

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