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About Akbank Cebe POS

With the Akbank Cebe POS application, your mobile phone / tablet is now your POS device at the same time.
Whether you are an Akbank customer or not, you can apply from the Cebe POS application or by visiting Akbank.com without visiting a branch. After your application is approved, start using Akbank Cebe POS on your smart mobile device with Android operating system immediately!
With Akbank Cebe POS, you can easily receive payments up to 750 TL without a password, and over 750 TL with a password via all contactless debit and credit cards, mobile payment-enabled Android mobile phones or QR codes.
Moreover, you can not only receive payments, but also instantly view the transactions you have made with Akbank Mobile POS, and access the reports of the workplace from here.

Why Akbank Pocket POS?

• You do not need physical POS devices to receive payments.

• You do not wait for your POS device installation and malfunction requests.

• You do not need to go to the branch to give POS devices to your employees. You can easily define and authorize your employees from the Akbank Cebe POS application and ensure that they receive payment as well.

• Your payments are deposited into your account the next day without waiting.

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