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Facemash - Who's Hotter? Click to Choose.

Legendary «Hot or not» game for celebrities.

Discover all new way to meet one of your favorite or new celebrities!

The app allows you to compare two celebrity pictures side-by-side and let you choose who is «hot» and who is «not».

Like in the movie The Social Network.

- Hey Mark
- Eduardo...
- I need you.
- I'm here for you.
- No, I need the algorithm you use to rank chess players.
- Are you ok?
- We're ranking girls.
- You think this such a good idea?
- I need the algorithm, alright. I need the algorithm.
- Each girl base rating 1400. At any given time «Girl A» has a rating R-a and «Girl B» has a rating R-b. When any 2 girls are matched up, there's an expectation of which will win based on their current rating, right? And all those expectations are express this way.

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- More than 666 Celebrities [Girls & Boys].
- TOP 100 of the hottest celebrities.
- «Girls» and «Boys» game modes.
- Compete with your friends anywhere: full support of web, iOS and Android.
- Make your favorite celebrity the hottest one in TOP 100.
- Nominate a new celebrity for membership in TOP 100.

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