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About Amp Live Radio: Music & Talk

On Amp anyone can create and listen to live audio shows with songs and unscripted moments that make live experiences special.

Why join Amp?
* Search music from popular to niche genres to ignite parties and road-trips.
* Curate playlists from tens of millions of licensed songs.
* Catch plenty of “Did you hear that?!” moments from raw, unedited shows.
* Go live from anywhere you and your phone are.
* Explore shows by categories or browse what's trending in music and culture.
* Get creative and come up with original live audio shows that are a mix of talk, music and listener participation.
* Connect with all kinds of creators: from friends to celebrities, athletes to artists.
* Be 100% you. No filters or good hair days needed to host. All you need is your voice, playlist and POV.
* Pre-plan and schedule shows, or go live and edit your playlist on the fly.
* Earn rewards to host with Amp Creator Fund.
* No monthly fees or studio equipment needed—just your phone.

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