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Simple Invoice, POS Register

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About Simple Invoice, POS Register

Simple Invoice - POS register is simple, powerful, and easy to use.

Home Screen

* Add unlimited number of categories.
* Set category button color and text color as you want.
* Add unlimited number of products under category.

* It shows number of products under category and you can add products in your invoice list.
* By clicking '+' to increase quantity of product.
* By clicking '-' to decrease quantity of product.
* By clicking 'CLEAR' button to reset all products quantity.
* Once you add products for invoice just click 'CHARGE ORDER' button to view your invoice and save here to track your sales.
* long tap on category to edit and delete.
* long tap on product to edit and delete.

Order List

* it shows number of orders you make and grouped by date.
* By click order row to edit or delete.

Calendar View

* It shows complete overview of number of orders and sales of specific date.
* Click date to view orders of that date easily.

Dashboard View

* it shows line chart representation of number of orders and sales by last 30 days and last 12 months.
* Pie chart of top 10 selling products with name and quantity.


* Backup/Restore your data to/from sdCard.
* Set passcode to protect your data.
* Set font size of category and product.
* Set number of products show in a row.
* Set prefix for your order(invoice).
* Set order(invoice) note.
* Set your own currency.

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