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About The Gospel of Thomas

The Gospel of Thomas (Wisdom of the Ages #1)

"These are the hidden words that the living Jesus spoke and Didymos Judas Thomas wrote them down."

This app contains the full text of Mark M. Mattison's public domain translation of The Gospel of Thomas as published on Gospels.Net. The Gospel of Thomas is an early Christian era non-canonical document containing a list of 114 sayings and parables attributed to Jesus in a non-narrative form. Many scholars argue that the core of the document dates back to the earliest era of Christianity, 50-100 CE, and thus that it offers important insights into the earliest history of Christianity.

The app offers the user the ability to randomly select an individual saying for contemplation, as well as the ability to choose an individual saying by title, to search the full text of the document for sayings containing a particular word, and of course view the full text of the document.

Much more information about The Gospel of Thomas and the Thomasine Christian tradition can be found at the Gnosis Archive in the Gnostic Society Library's "The Gospel of Thomas Collection" -

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