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About Aras Kargo

Turkey's leading and innovative cargo company Aras Cargo's facilities and privileges, in your pocket!

Close to 900 branches, more than 4,000 vehicle fleet, 14 thousand people leading service every month 12 million people with its staff, Turkey's largest provider with a distribution network Aras Cargo, whenever they want every service they need users with mobile applications, delivers from anywhere .

With the Aras Kargo mobile application, which you can download for free and use as a member, some of the transactions that you can perform quickly, practically and safely are:

• Cargo tracking
• E-commerce tracking
• Questioning past cargo
• Getting the nearest branch information
• Call a courier
• Shipping fee calculation

In addition to all of these, you can instantly learn about the discount opportunities and campaigns of Aras Cargo that you should not miss, and be the first to be informed about the innovations.

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