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About Berlin sightseeing city guide

Discover Berlin your way: Our free of charge tours offer a combination of audio and video clips as well as numerous historical photographs, thus providing an exciting and informative way to explore the city. An integrated map with GPS navigation will help you find points of interest. You will also receive an integrated city guide with short descriptions of important sights and museums.

Tour 1: Highlights of the Historical Berlin
On this city walk you will explore selected sights in the historical city center, such as the Nikolai quarter, the City Palace, Museum Island and Brandenburg Gate. The tour offers an overview of Berlin’s 800-year old history.

Tour 2: Berlin in the Third Reich
This tour leads you to sites where important historical events took place between 1933 and the end of World War II. You can also discover places which have been destroyed, such as the Reich Chancellery and Hitler’s bunker.

Tour 3: Olympic Stadium Berlin
History, architecture, sports and entertainment - discover the past and present of the Olympic Stadium via 12 exciting video clips.

Tour 4: Olympic Parc Berlin
Among Berlin's sights, the sports park next to the Olympic Stadium is still quite unknown. With the impressive House of German Sports, the training grounds of various clubs and a history trail, there is much to discover.

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