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About Aarti Chalisa Mantra and Katha

Bhaktimay Bhajan, Chalisa, Mantra, and Aarti app has a collection of Chalisa sangrah with audio, Mantra sangrah with audio and Aarti sangrah with audio in hindi.
All Chalisa sangrah, Aarti sangrah, bhajan sangrah and Mantra sangrah and Katha sangrah app are in hindi lyrics with audio.

Chalisa Sangrah app has following chalisa with lyrics and audio:
★ Shri Hanuman Chalisa
★ Shri Ganesh Chalisa
★ Shri Gaytri Chalisa
★ Shri Durga Chalisa
★ Shri Lakshmi Chalisa
★ Shri Sarswati Chalisa
★ Shri Shiv Chalisa
★ Shani Chalisa
★ Shri Sai Chalisa
★ Shri Ram Chalisa
★ Shri Krishna Chalisa

Aarti sangrah app has following aarti collection with lyrics and audio:
★ Hanuman Aarti
★ Ganesh Aarti
★ Shiv Aarti
★ Mahadev Aarti
★ Bhairav Aarti
★ Vishnu Aarti
★ Narsingh Aarti
★ Krishna Aarti
★ Khatu Shyam ji Aarti
★ Ramchandra Aarti
★ Satyanarayan Aarti
★ Sai Baba Aarti
★ Jagdamba Aarti
★ Durga Aarti
★ Vaishno Devi Aarti
★ Kali Aarti
★ Lakshmi Aarti
★ Sarswati Aarti
★ Gaytri Aarti
★ Vindhyeshwari Devi Aarti
★ Ganga Aarti
★ Tulsi Aarti
★ Surya Aarti
★ Shanidev Aarti
★ Aadinath Bhagwan Aarti
★ Parshwanath Swami Aarti
★ Mahavir swami Aarti
★ Padmavati Mata Aarti
★ Nakoda Bhairav Aarti
★ Shri Panch Parmesthi Aarti
★ Shri Rajendra Suri Aarti
★ Jin Kushal Suri Aarti
★ Jin Aarti
★ Mangal Deepak

Mantra Sangrah app has following mantra collection (lyrics and audio):
★ Hanuman Mantra
★ Ganesha Mantra
★ Shiva Mantra
★ Ram Mantra
★ Vishnu Mantra
★ Lakshmi Mantra
★ Gaytri Mantra
★ Sarswati Mantra
★ Diwali Puja Mantra
★ Kamla Mata Mantra
★ Shanti Path Mantra
★ Kuber Mantra
★ Lakshmi Ganesha Mantra
★ Krishna Mantra
★ Durga Mantra
★ Kali Mantra
★ Navgrah Vaidik Mantra
★ Navgrah Tantrik Mantra
★ Rashi Mantra
chalisa sangrah, mantra sangrah and aarti sangrah is very popular in india.
These are also called bhajan in india. bhajan refers to any song with religious theme or spiritual ideas.

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