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Your mood in 20 seconds. Just press a button and talk.

Curious to understand how you and your colleagues feel as you speak, right now?

Simple just download Moodies and start understanding emotions in real time, directly from the voice,

Based on 21 year of research into the science of emotions, Moodies analyses the current emotional state of a speaker in real time, as they speak. Based on Beyond Verbal’s award winning Emotions Analytics cloud-based engine, Moodies listens to vocal intonations to understand our emotions as we speak – because it's not what we say, but HOW we say it.

At the press of a button, Moodies requires just 20 seconds of speech to provide a deep, highly granular mood analysis which includes:

Our Primary Mood: The speaker's most expressed current emotional state
Our Secondary Mood: The speaker’s less expressed mood.
Overall mood group categorizations.

Key Moody features include:

- Quick Analysis: Single automatic analysis by tapping the LISTEN button

- Continuous Analysis: Multiple and continuous analysis by pressing and holding (or pressing and locking) the LISTEN button.

- Analysis Library: Vault of emotion analyses complete with edit, tag and management features of analysis files.

- Replay of previously recorded analyses.

- Sharing of analyses by email, Facebook and Twitter.

New Features include:

- Emotions trend feature: this feature shows users how their emotions changed over the course of the conversation.
- Temper Distribution graph: shows your overall temperament distribution and includes Somber, Embracive and Confrontational tempers

Remember to get accurate results, make sure you follow the following recording guidelines to ensure accurate analysis:
- No loud background noise (example music, Tv or loud street noises)
- Only one speaker at a time - multiple speakers skews the analysis as it takes both speakers emotions and combines them into one analysis.

We hope you fun with the additional features and as always we look forward to receiving your feedback by sending us a mail to
If you have any suggestion on how we can improve our application or add useful features please let us know.