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About CodeSnack IDE

CodeSnack is the first mobile IDE made from the ground up for mobile devices and tablets. It provides you with fast and easy-to-use tools that make it possible for anyone to create great programs, learn how to code by samples, and deploy real-world back-end and front-end apps within minutes — for free.

Getting started takes seconds, and you don't need to be a strong coder or have server administrator skills to learn how to use it. With CodeSnack IDE, you get all the control and flexibility you need to make things your way without any compromise.

Everything you can do with CodeSnack IDE:

- Write & run code like on a PC or Mac
- Install dependencies using Linux terminal
- Intelligent coding assistance, autocompletion, linting
- Use any programming language
- Use your favorite hardware keyboard and shortcuts
- Debug program output, and see detailed error logs (in real-time)
- Practice to code with examples library (we have 1000+ examples to check out)
- Sync your projects between all your devices
- Deploy project through SFTP

And so much more!

This is the only mobile application supporting 18 programming languages for coding:

* Java
* Python
* C
* C++
* C#
* Dart
* JavaScript
* TypeScript
* Shell
* Swift
* Ruby
* Go
* Kotlin
* Lua
* Haskell

Subscription benefits:

- Up to 4x faster (1 vCPU, 2 GB Memory, 8 GB SSD)
- Virtual keyboard customization
- Upload code to your server using SFTP
- Access all Examples in the Library
- Unlock 2 more color schemas for code editor

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