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About Destroy Stuff

Are you ready to Destroy Stuff?

Lets reward your destructive behavior! It's time to Smash, Demolition, Destruct, Annihilate, and Wreck stuff in all possible ways.

Just some of the destructive features:
• Unique physics destruction game-play
• Destroy museums, ancient statues, ...
• Throw hammers, chairs, fire extinguishers, and so much more
• Intuitive toss controls
• Multiple campaign of ongoing annihilation

Don't hold back and simple come in all guns blazing to maximize the overall demolition in the awesome new hit game. Smash through levels of elite refined art or go on a destruction rampage taking down ancient artifacts.

The destruction is this game is simulated with great detail with ultra realistic dismount and disjoint physics. The fun part of it all is that as you build up your destruction tycoon status is that you're not destroying things in a junkyard, but you are at high class sites bringing destruction to priceless artifacts. Where is gets icey and you'll have to max your tossing skills is when you need to destroy multiple objects as some objects may be sheltered by others and require a tactful toss strategy. Your wreckless ambition for destruction will bring you to classy museums up to dune scenery featuring priceless ancient ruins. So learn to toss like a pro with just the right amount of angle and torque and you'll be rewarded with the stress relief called absolute annihilation!

Demolition has never been so much fun; so if you like smashing games it's time to download and install this free game now!

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