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Talking Pocoyo: My Friend Pato

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About Talking Pocoyo: My Friend Pato

Are you looking for a talking game to have fun interacting with your favorite character? TALKING PATO is now available, featuring Pocoyó's best friend, with whom you'll be able to have a blast any time!

Pato, Pocoyo's best friend, is eagerly waiting to play with you in this fun talking game! Don't make him wait any longer. Download it!

With this fun imitation game, you'll be able to chat with Pato, who will repeat everything you say in a funny voice. You can also practice different choreographies and dance moves with him. Have fun watering his plants or learn to play a bunch of musical instruments. It couldn't be more fun!

Talking Pato is an interactive game that offers kids a bunch of opportunities to have fun at home in their free time:

- Interact with Pato: Pato is waiting attentively for you to talk to him and repeat whatever you say in a funny way, just like Pocoyó in Talking Pocoyo. And, if you touch different parts of his body, you'll discover the funny stuff he does: gargling, doing like he's kicking a ball, and throwing his hat in the air are some. What are you waiting for to discover it all?

- Musical Pato: Pato, Pocoyó's friend, really loves music, playing a bunch of different instruments: piano, drums... Play with him, coming up with musical compositions, or discover the nice melodies that this musical app features. Bring out the artist inside you.

- Pato and his flowerpots: If there's one thing Pato likes in this world, it's flowers. He loves to spend time watering his plants, to see them bloom. In this fun game Pato will water his different-colored flowerpots following a musical sequence. Only by getting it right will you get the flowers to bloom. Will you be able to copy the same sounds with the hose? Compete at home to see who manages to do it first!

- Pato Dances: Getting down is also one of Pato's pastimes. So, just like in Talking Pocoyo, there just had to be a dance section in this app for kids. Have fun with Pato's signature dance movies, imitate his choreographies, and learn to dance with your favorite cartoon character.

With Talking Pato there will be cackling at home, and the kids will have a ball! Fun is guaranteed with this children's app! Try it, and you won't forget your kids' faces of delight!

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