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About Healthie

Meet Healthie: the wellness platform that connects clients and providers for on-the-go care. Healthie provides a secure, HIPAA-compliant place for care to happen. Download the app today for a new kind of healthcare experience.


When you work with a wellness provider that uses Healthie, you’ll receive an invitation to create a Healthie account. The email that you use to create this account will allow you to log into your client portal from the web, or the Healthie mobile app. Together, you and your provider will be able to share data, and work together in real-time.

While your provider will personalize your experience, here are some of the features that may be part of your care:

• Book appointments
• Fill out forms
• Launch video calls
• Message with your provider
• Log your meals
• Make notes of your mood or progress
• Track your activity
• Sync wearable fitness devices
• Complete wellness goals
• Review educational handouts
• Enroll & complete online programs


Healthie enables you to manage your business and engage with clients from anywhere. With in-app and push notifications, you’ll never miss an update about your business or clients. Log in with the email address associated with your Healthie practitioner account to access:

• Manage your schedule
• Add or edit client sessions
• Review client information
• Message with clients
• Review logged client food & lifestyle entries, and provide real-time feedback
• Create & complete tasks
• Launch video calls
• Upload documents to your library & share with clients

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