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Castle Clash: Правитель мира

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About Castle Clash: Правитель мира

A new chapter of Narcia begins in the Forsaken Lands. Join Castle Owners from all over the world in a new challenge! Fight against strong opponents, demonstrate your skills and improve your Heroes from scratch. Only when you master combat tactics and strategy to perfection will you be able to defeat the bosses and achieve a convincing victory! Also, a new dragon, Malefic, descended into Narsia. Join forces and embark on a new adventure together!

Castle Clash is a game of incredible proportions with exciting combat and dynamic strategy! Command powerful Heroes and use powerful spells during your conquest. Build a magnificent empire and go down in history as the world's greatest commander!

Game Features:
✔ Explore the non-linear base development system and choose how you want to improve it!
✔ Give your heroes a new look with improved Skins!
✔ Enjoy seamless gameplay and stunning visuals!
✔ Recruit Heroes with extraordinary abilities to fight for your cause.
✔ Fight another player in the Arena and become the absolute winner.
★ Strategize, upgrade Heroes from scratch and defeat epic bosses in the new tower defense mode - Forsaken Lands.
★ Unlock powerful Battle Gear for your Heroes.
★ Customize Heroes and buildings with a huge variety of Skins.
★ Earn wealth and fame in Torch Battle, Fort Attack, Guild Battle and Narcia: Age of War.
★ Gather a team of friends to go through dungeons together in multiplayer.
★ Join forces to fight server threats, including the powerful Archdemon.
★ Raise cute Pets into strong combat companions.
★ Challenge the Master Dungeon and win Epic Heroes.
★ Who will conquer the global server? Fight your way to the top in the new PvP mode "Ruler of the World"!
Note: This game requires an internet connection.


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