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Think of an experience that you wish to live and suggest to others and imagine searching for it online. Imagine you are on a trip or taking a drive and you are looking for something special to do, and imagine you can search for it online. Imagine now an app that allows you to do all of this: find, share and suggest beautiful experiences. You are imagining EXPEEX!

EXPEEX derived its name from "Experiences Explorers". It is an interactive app that allows the users to tell others about the most beautiful and exciting experiences they are living in real time. By sharing the type of experience/location/availability and selecting all of the categories it fits into, the app will allow others to search for it then map it and make their own memory of a similar experience.

EXPEEX is both a community and a mapping tool, offering the opportunity of the user to seek and discover experiences and share them with everyone in the world. EXPEEX collects, organizes and categorizes types of experiences and their locations so users can not only search for unique, beautiful, inspiring ways to enjoy moments of their lives, but also to share with the EXPEEX community the type and location of some of their own memorable experiences as they happen.

Currently EXPEEX allows users to share experiences, find them on the maps, comment on them, rate them, follow other users, browse personalized lists of experiences that fall into categories of interest, and use search tools to find experiences either near a given location, or along a specific route!

In the future it will include additional features such as a GPS navigator, a tool to create theme itineraries, the possibility of creating/searching sub-categories, a photo-editor, chat and much more!

Do you want to join other experienced explorers? Join the EXPEEX Community and widen your world!

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