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Trust is good, control is better!
You would like to know, who uses your smartphone secretly? You have a suspicion but can´t convict the sniffer?

Now, finally it is possible, with this simply designed app. Directly after unlocking your smartphone, it will take a picture with the frontcamera and thus will convict the sniffer.

Because of the Fact, that the app is working completly hidden, the sniffer will not notice, that a picture was taken. Only with a PIN which is choosen by the owner of the smartphone, it is possible to start the app and to look at the pictures.

- unobtrusive triggering of the frontcamera after unlocking the smartphone
- Protected app content, because of PIN request. PIN is choosen by the owner of the smartphone
- Possibility for the owner of the smartphone to change the PIN
- Pictures can be viewed inside the app, which means, that they are PIN secured.

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