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*** This app needs to work with Rooti CliMate ***
Rooti CliMate is a revolutionary app-cessory ( app+accessory) that accurately tracks the humidity, UV rays and temperature of your immediate environment, wherever you are. It’s wireless, wearable, lightweight, tiny and very smart. Under normal usage, a single coin cell battery lasts up to 6 months. So no recharging is necessary.
CliMate app is simple and beautiful. It syncs with the CliMate over Bluetooth and continuously provides you with essential weather alerts and tips.

1. Planted evidence. We’ve designed our app so that it crunches all the most important data into a simple image that everyone will instinctively understand. A plant. This plant symbolizes you in relation to your surrounding climate. When you’re protected, the plant flourishes. When you’re exposed, it withers away.

2. Multiple-device hub. The app allows for multiple CliMates to be monitored. For example, you could keep a CliMate in the baby’s room, one in the vault or wine cabinet, and one on your bag. You can create your own label for each device and keep track of them simultaneously.

3. A history of HUT. The app parses all your data into daily, weekly and monthly charts with simple averages. This way you can gain visual insights into the long-term ramifications of your actual environment.

4. Red Alert. Based on your pre-entered information and the readings it receives, the app takes into consideration factors such as your skin tone and SPF sun cream in order to alert you to when it’s time to reapply actual sun protection. And avoid that red lobster look.

5. Pro-active Weather Tips and Warnings. Finally, the app analyzes all the user-generated cloud data and pro-actively warns you about harmful conditions. Forewarned is forearmed.

6. Share a snapshot of your local HUT. Choose a fun skin, take a picture and share with friends!