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Practice your basic math skills on your Android phone or tablet!

Math Flash Cards gives you a virtual deck of flash cards. You can configure the app to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division (or mix them all together). All completely free and with no ads!

You can set a difficulty level appropriate for any age - let your first-grader practice subtraction with numbers less than 10 while your middle school student can flip through division cards with numbers under 50. Math flash cards can be configured for kids of any age.

When each card is shown you are given 4 options to guess from. The app will time your responses and give you points based on how fast you can guess the correct answer - don't just guess randomly, because you are penalized for wrong answers!

The app tracks the 5 best high scores for each configuration, allowing you to track your progress. After each round you'll see the list of scores and get feedback on where you placed.

For each round you can also set the number of cards to show - 3, 5, 10, or 20. With all these configuration options, you can replace an almost infinite sized deck of old-fashioned cards with one app.

Download now and start practicing your math!

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