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Quickly capture a voice note and send it off using EMail, GMail, Bluetooth, MMS, or any other communications app you have installed that can transmit audio files.

Voice Messenger will let you record an audio file with one click and then prompt you to share it via the standard Android sharing mechanism to send the file.

In this version, supported audio recording formats are 3GP Narrow Band (all phones), 3GP Wide Band (some phones), and MP4/AAC (some phones). Phones with Gingerbread or later will have the most support for these formats, but even some Froyo phones such can do 3GP Wide Band or MP4/AAC.

After unlocking the feature to customize the app you can also configure the default subject and body of the message, although you can also customize those for each message when you send them.

Voice Messenger features an audio meter during recording that graphically demonstrates the audio gain level you are experiencing during the record. This will allow you to judge how well your recording will be received. Some phones are best held like a voice call while recording but others work fine when used like a speaker phone while recording.

This application also displays a hour-minute counter during recording so you know how long your voice message is while you are recording. The length of the message is limited only by the storage space available on your phone.

This application does not record WAV files because they are too large and cumbersome for transmitting from a mobile device.

Recordings are kept for one day in case sending fails and they can be found in the application's data directory.

Voice Messenger is free but prompts for purchase of the feature to unlock configuration edit which is done via Android Market In-App Billing.