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Save your kingdom from the menacing demons with your bow and arrow.

Cruel and ruthless demons from the darkness of the evil dungeons are coming to attack the kingdom. There is
no one except The Little Indian Archer, the bravest in this land, who has the courage needed to save the people. In this war of survival, to ensure the victory of good over all evils, these demons need to be annihilated at any cost.

Go, take the avatar of The Little Indian Archer and save your land, water and sky of the kingdom. Slay each
and every one of the menacing demons. You are the last resort and saviour of your people from this apocalypse. Keep their faith in you, defeat your enemy in this deadly battle.

You need to kill these demons in one level and then move to the next. As you go up, each level becomes more and more challenging with tougher obstacles.

You can also buy the ad free version of this game to keep the fun on.