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Abode WiFi Manager is an application to see whether your phone or tablet is properly connected to a WiFi Hotspot or a router or not.

It can tell the WiFi connectivity status of the phone and the internet connectivity status.
If the device is connected to WiFi it can tell the network name, the data rate, signal strength, mac-address, IP address and subnet mask.

- Optimising the location of WiFi Router/WiFi Hotspot and device:
It can also be used to measure signal strength at various locations in the house and see whether there is need to install a repeater or the current connection is good enough. A -60 dBm is considered good whereas a -86 dBm is considered bad.
- Knowing the current data speed to decide whether the WiFi signal is good enough or not.
- Knowing the current status of connectivity
- Knowing the IP address for advanced users

It is very light and easy to use application.
It does NOT use your internet connection or store any information regarding your device.
It does not send any data from the phone and is hence 100% secure.

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