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íOS10 - The next version of OS 9, coming in fall 2016 and do you want notification center style OS 10 on your android device? This is free and best notificaton OS10 application for android. with iNoty Style OS10 app, you will get the cool OS10 notification center to make your android phone look like ?Phône 6s and ?Phône 7. And that look so pro.
iNoty Style OS10 is the perfect combination of inoty (lock screen notification of OS10) and iControl (Control Panel OS10). You will have the experience to be using OS10.

Features of iNoty Style OS10:

- Notifications to show the notify you received like style íOS10.
- iNoty Style OS10 support set time 12h or 24h format.
- Show carrier, signal strength and wifi signal look like on phone 5 SE, 6s, phone 7.
- The information and alert showing on the Notification center like on phone6s.
- iNoty Style OS10 support quick setting with Turn on/off wifi, mobile data, bluetooth, flash light, orientaion.
- iNoty Style ìOS10 show tomorrow event to remind you of what to do tomorrow. - Show batery percent, time date, carrier wave.
- Swipe down to open notification to check notify daily.
- Blur background, simple flat design.
- Show today and notifications info.
- Beautiful and smooth look like phone7 theme.
- Small size but powerful.
iControl function of iNoty Style OS10:
- Support toggle for Data Connection
- Support toggle for Portrait Orientation Lock
- Support toggle for Bluetooth
- Support turn on/off flashlight
- Support toggle for Airplane Mode
- Support toggle for Wi-Fi
- Support toggle for Silent modeHow to use iNoty Style OS10:
- Tap to Turn On/Off Notify
- turn on the iNoty Style OS10 icon. The information will automatically show on the notification

Thank you for using iNoty Style OS10 style Phone 6s!