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Kenzo - The Jumping Ninja!

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Although born in Edo Era and wearing all black clothes, Kenzo is not your typical Ninja! because all he cares are just true love and gold coins!
Kenzo jump from one spot to another, collecting coins for the wealthiness of his village while trying to save the princess of northern village! but the path to be rich and loved is not easy! be careful of Traps and Foes!

on top of the cellulite hill, trapped princess Kesha, who Kenzo has crushed in since they were just kids. Apparently, the abandoned temple in where Kesha trapped, is also a burial site of ancient golds. There has enough gold to feed the entire Kenzo's village for lifetime and to afford costly honeymoon Kenzo has planned! hearing this rumour, with little to no experience at all (we mean you..), Kenzo head to the hill. There are 10 stages to reach the top, each has its own set of traps and increasing difficulties. Knowing what lies ahead, Kenzo does not look back! Simply conquer each stage by jumping and jumping! collect power up to help Kenzo clear the stages quickly. princess Kesha and the golds awaits..

Beside the cellulite hill, there is the Diarhoa hill.. which seems to doesn't have an end! Kenzo loved to play here since he was a kid and he still is! keep jumping and collect as much coins as possible. beat your friend high score and show how Kenzo you are!!

The game has very simple control that even Kenzo can do it:
TAP to start the stage
TILT right or left to jump left and right
TILT FAST to jump faster