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We are immensely pleased to reach you through the blog that captures the life and times of all of us. Blog may have lost its sheen and may sound a has-been against the backdrop of facebook, myspace, Qzone, Cyworld ages. But we intend to rewire ourselves to the 'blog culture' and articulate and give voice to a range of issues. It is a small step and a baby step at that. Soon, we have plans to appropriate this digital space and re-mediate it just the way some of us would have used lego blocks to construct bridges, aeroplanes and skyscrapers when we were kids. In time, we will make the blog more dynamic and very user-friendly. It may not be any of the mainstream newspapers that you consume with a piping hot coffee (consciously identifying myself as one who has subjugated willingly to the metaphor relegating tea to reading newspapers in public spaces such as tea shops) in the morning but it is as hot as the coffee is or as tasty as the tea can get (I am a tea buff).

The students of Mass Communication in PU find it a routine grab to critically reflect on issues and their enthusiasm has helped us embrace a new avatar. By the way, they read, reflect and write on a variety of issues and we are shifting into a high-octane gear though slowly.

We welcome your suggestions and comments as we believe in freedom of expression. The blog is an outcome of desire to speak and we do not get preachy or presuppose a top-down hierarchical I-deliver-you-take-it modality. It is our space and as part of our focused agenda we, like any other, are using this space. How this space evolves, transcends geographies, celebrates sovereignty of the individual and society and jives with our vibes is in your hands and of course in the hands of Mass Communication students.

I will end here seeking your support to make use of this space and help the humble initiative sustain and serve our interests to become informed citizenry - if that is neither utopian nor dystopian.

Staff Editor
M. Shuaib Mohamed Haneef, PhD