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Inquire Software – Interviewing, Investigation, and Inspection Management Software

Providing an easy to use interview platform has been accomplished with the Inquire Android or IOS Application. This app allows you to create interviews, conduct investigations, and document inspections using the internal device camera and mic. Monitor a live stream of the event in progress, record the event with book marks and notes, and conveniently upload to the local Inquire Multimedia Management system.

The Inquire Multimedia Management system provides for live monitoring, advanced search techniques, evaluation and scoring, and extensive reporting of all your events in one location. Search by date, time, event ID, user, event name, book marks, book mark notes, GPS location, and device ID.

Inquire was sparked by the need for mobile video interviews for Child Protective Services officers. After investigating the requirements of these officers, Inquire found there was much more need than a video interview. The primary issue identified was that there were no systems that provided for an easy to use interview platform and for the management of these events. Inquire addresses both these needs. In addition, this system also provides for location verification, saves the need for actual interview rooms, more usability for investigations and inspections, and opens up new verticals for investigation, incident recording, and inspections.

The Inquire system also allows for incident management and recreation by providing for advanced event management with the addition of other documentation, audio, and video to a particular Inquire event all viewed via a timeline.


• Insurance Companies - Document Insurance Claims with Centralized Storage
• Police Departments - Can be Used for Local and Remote Interviews of Investigations by Police Officers In-Car and Detectives as well as Incident Recording for Documenting Officer’s Actions.
• Accident Investigations
• Medical Examination and Clinical Recording
• Human Resource Documentation
• Child Protective Services – Interviewing Children Offsite
• Marine Industry - Safety and Compliance Documentation
• Oil Field Industry - Safety and Compliance Documentation
• Fire Departments - Used by Fire Arsonist Investigators
• CSI Investigators - Used by Crime Scene Investigators
• Inspectors – Any Inspection Type Companies
• Law Firms - Backup to Depositions