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Find and Discover –

Inquirly is a contextual search/discovery engine that pulls info from partners, and deep-links you out to apps like Uber and Google Maps. Rather than send you clicking through links, it cobbles together critical content and contextual suggestions into saveable, shareable, actionable cards.While the Internet has existed for more than 20 years, the way people interact with online services hasn’t changed that much in that time. People are still clicking on links and clumsily opening browser tabs, having to adjust to a new way of organizing information every time they search on a platform. We still have to aggregate content from different sources manually if we’d like to have various sorts of information in one place. Inquirly, which is still in stealth, wants to be the connector between the businesses and the consumers. It operates on the premise that the siloed model of web search for businesses just isn’t as advanced as it should be.

Follow and Transact -
Inquirly claims to be the first platform dedicated to exclusively showcase content created by businesses and brands. Its goal is to allow users to discover, share, and collect the branded content they love, and brands to ramp up the amount of followers who actually get to see their posts. It works on in location channels such as a Beacon Feed and also has a QR code reader.Brands are focused on creating beautiful content that’s valuable to consumers, but most of it now is lost in our long social media feeds across various channels. Consumers today want a personalized social feed for set of businesses and brands which the consumer wants to follow. Inquirly lets you follow a mix of places, businesses, brands.