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DashClock Widget is required for this extension!

This is an extenstion for DashClock. You can show the info for any sensor on your device with this extension. Configure the extension to see the list of sensors your device supports! Galaxy S4 has a huge list (this can also be used to show the temperature from the ambient thermometer that is currently only in the S4).

You can show up to 5 different sensors at a time - without using much power! It has been designed so that it only uses the sensors when DashClock refreshes the info (or when you tap the extension).

Note that some sensors will not show on your device (if your device do not support it). I realize that most of this sensor information is not useful for the average user, but I know for sure that Ambient Temperature and Humidity can be useful for users who have those sensors!

Supported Sensors:
- Accelerometer
- Ambient Temperature
- Gravity
- Gyroscope
- Light
- Linear Acceleration
- Magnetic Field
- Pressure
- Proximity
- Relative Humidity
- Rotation Vector

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