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STKPickr is our former Recolha, a simple data collector, for an existing Cloud solution. Which has now updated.

This application allows you to do the following:
-Be used to perform Inventories or register Stock transactions;
-Use the phone camera as a barcode reader, works in portrait;
-Items search is indexed, you can easily search by any keyword, on a large table;
-Allows multiple warehouses;
-Has no limit of items;
-No Ads;
-Import the item’s table in CSV;
-Import current Stock quantities in CSV;
-Export the pickings;
-Duplicate an existing document and reverse the quantities, useful for transfers between warehouses;
-Generates a QR code for each transaction, useful if you want to make a label;
-Allows you to search items and documents by barcode;
-Apply the pickings to Stock, creating a transaction log;
-Allows you to view in real time, where and when they are to be carried out;
-Work in off-line and on-line, you can share the database with other devices in real time;
-Possibility to synchronize with your ERP, through a custom connector (see below);

-Current Stock;
-Top 10 items in Stock also includes chart;
-Receipts/Issues (Item);
-Receipts/Issues (Global) also includes chart;
Can filter by date, warehouse and document state.
Exports to XLS, XML, CSV and HTML.

UI Languages

If you want to contribute, you only have to download this file: fill it and send us by email. After revision, the next release will support your language.

Cloud Service
-The devices synchronize every 3 minutes;
-Encrypted and gzipped streams with the Java's backend;
-Database is backed up, every hour, on the server;
-The retention policy for backups and deleted records is 30 days;
-Users have a quota of 10 MB, to synchronize between 2 devices for free;
-The email account used, in the first activation, should be the same, to add the remaining devices;
-Your email will only be used, to send notifications of service status;
-Accounts with a downtime, more than 90 days will be deleted;

Cloud Connector
For the software developer, who wants to sync, his software with our solution. We can provide a connector.

-Runs on Linux and Windows;
-Exports data to Cloud Database;
-Imports transactions to database or files in several formats;

Note that it counts as a device.

Please first, you must analyze the data schema.
After that, you may request and submit your queries, using this form:

Quick start tutorial here

We appreciate your suggestions. And we expect the software to be useful.

User feedback:

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