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Group Blocker is a call blocker that is based on the group membership of a contact. All contacts belonging to a specified contact group are blocked. So now you can also use Google Contacts to manage your call blocking list.

Group Blocker supports two blocking methods: "Reject call" and "Answer call & hang up". Both methods are working even on new versions of Android (tested on v2.2. v2.3.3 and v4.0.3), where many other call blockers have problems with the "Answer call & hang up" method.

Do you sometimes get unwanted calls? Does your ex girlfriend/boyfriend bother you? Do you want no business calls during your holidays?

If you can answer one of this questions with 'yes', then Group Blocker is the right tool for you.

Differences between full version and lite version:

Lite: only "Reject call" method, not able to remove entries from call log, ads
Full: also "Answer call & hang up" method, can remove entries from call log, no ads

Version history and explanation of permissions on the app website.

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