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Never scramble for pen and paper again!

Whether you're in business, management, sales, marketing, real estate, working in the field, professions (consultants, lawyers, Chartered Accountants), or otherwise talking to lots of people over the phone in your day to day life, this app will make your life easier in several ways if you have been in situations like:
- Being taken by surprise and having trouble remembering the context of your previous conversations with a contact during a call
- Accidentally picking up a call from a salesperson you have been trying to avoid
- Forgetting to call back after promising the caller or rejecting an incoming call.
- In general, having trouble keeping track of people, key details, or action items from phone conversations

In other words, use this app as your personal light-weight mobile CRM, with the option to conveniently export and share your notes through Email, Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox or Bluetooth.

*** Now with CALENDAR INTEGRATION (Google, Outlook, S Planner, etc.) ***

Floating Call Toolbar

- Get an animated floating toolbar during incoming or outgoing calls.
- Collapse the toolbar or move/drag it anywhere on the screen so that it is not in your way when you're using another application during a call.
- Use the toolbar to:
- Add new text notes/meeting minutes for the current call
- Add new audio notes for the current call
- Set a call-back reminder
- Add a new task and/or setup a reminder to follow up on action items from the current call
- View contact notes/meeting agenda set in advance for a call with a contact
- Browse through previous call notes for that contact

Call Notes / Meeting Minutes (MoM)

- Take notes during and after calls so you never forget those pesky details you spoke about.
- Access all previous call notes during your call so you can pick up right where you left off.

Contact Notes / Meeting Agenda

- Set notes for contacts so you don't forget who they are, what you spoke to them about, or what your agenda is when you make calls to or receive calls from them.
- Use these notes to decide whether to take important calls and ignore non-urgent/telemarketing ones.
- Call or send a text message to a contact directly from the app.

Call-back Reminders
- Set up a call-back reminder when you're too busy to take a call and plan to call back later
- Directly make a call using a button on the call-back reminder window
- If you're still busy, snooze the reminder for it to pop-up at a later time

Tasks / Reminders

- Set up reminders for following up on important calls or just for day-to-day tasks that you'd like to be reminded about.
- Through the home screen, track tasks that are past due, or that are due on the same or next day.
- Support for Google, Outlook, S Planner and many other calendars, including the device calendar

Audio Notes / Voice Memos

- Record voice memos in lieu of written notes if audio is your preferred method of taking notes, or if you're in a hurry and would like to record your notes on the go.
- Record up to 5 minutes of audio for a single call note or task.


- Choose from 15+ app themes and select the colors you like best.
- Choose which days and times (active hours) to show the floating toolbar according to your work schedule.
- Choose how long to display the toolbar after a call has ended so it does not need to be manually dismissed.
- Choose the sound for your reminder alerts and whether you'd like to be reminded with notifications or popups.
- Choose the default snooze time for tasks and call-back reminders
- Choose to disable/mute the toolbar, and then re-enable it later at your convenience.
- Choose the account to use for calendar integration
- Choose between app and device reminder alerts

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