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Do you wanna know how similar of your face and your friend? Check who's your twins!

Analysing faces of you & your friend. Find similarity between those faces. Check who's your cousins or your long lost brothers/sisters. Can determine from even different species or that one's your twins! Let's try this funny app and don't miss the trend!

########## HOW TO PLAY #########

1. Use 2 photo to compare , choose your photo from either camera shot or from your gallery
2. After chose the photo, crop it around face part then 'save' to continue
3. Pick another photo to compare with
4. Press the 'Analyze' button to let the app determine the age.
5. Share the analysed result to other via Facebook,twitter,e-mail,Instagram,etc.

No need to connect to the internet. Very accurate(?) and funny. Download it now for FREE!

This app is a mocking face similarity determining app, cannot rely with results. Just for fun.